Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership

How to Thrive as a Female Leader in Wealth and Finance

Whichever way you look at it, the statistics around women holding leadership roles in financial services are not very good.

Women attempting to progress into senior leadership positions in the financial sector have always known this. However, the FCA only recently flagged this, calling for an end to the ‘senior jobs just for the boys’ mantra. Leaders of financial services firms are also now taking notice of the mounting evidence that show that firms with gender diversity among the top ranks enjoy significantly better financial performance than others.

While awareness about the disparity between men and women is progressing, the speed at which women in wealth and financial firms receive support remains relatively slow. More needs to be done to help these women develop a competitive advantage at critical transition points in their careers.

The Authentic Leadership programme is PIMFA’s response to supporting women who face a unique set of challenges when progressing into senior leadership positions. Our research shows that women aiming to rise to leadership positions in wealth and finance still have to overcome a set of challenges, including the Imposter Syndrome, unconscious bias in the workplace, a peer group that shrinks as they assume more senior roles, and a struggle to find female role models even in the most progressive firms.

The Authentic Leadership programme has been specifically designed for like minded women in wealth management, financial advisory and private banking.

It offers an opportunity for learning, growth and building confidence, all of which will help women take their careers to the next level. This CPD approved six-month group coaching programme, endorsed by the Institute of Leadership & Management, delivers the knowledge, skills and confidence required for female leaders and managers in wealth management and financial services to thrive in a rapidly changing and highly complex business environment.

It is a research driven and career-changing learning experience which will not only fundamentally transform how women executives negotiate and manage teams, but also how they lead.

“Enjoy peer support from a community of women succeeding in senior leadership roles in wealth and finance.”

As a female leader or manager, this programme will help you:

As a company, you can expect the programme to assist your female executives to:


This year has been one of huge changes, as I prepare to move continents. Before I joined the programme, I was completely overwhelmed by the magnitude of this life change and was virtually paralysed with indecision and anxiety and making no progress with my plans and my job. Family life and health were suffering, too. This programme helped me refocus and identify why I react in the way I do. 

The results have been amazing! I’m now able to fully engage with opportunities, form new strategic relationships, ask for help and collaborate meaningfully. The programme has been immensely empowering.”

Senior Business Manager, HSBC

Want to share some news because you helped me to do this…

Just heard I’ve got a place to study at the Henley Business School from October. Absolutely thrilled. 

Thank you for guiding me to have the courage to take action, the confidence to aim high and the doggedness to work through the process towards what otherwise may have stayed a dream.”

Senior Executive, BBC

I did this programme, as I wanted to invest in myself and develop my career and soft skills in a range of areas. I loved this programme and felt it was a good investment for what I needed. I’ve come away with renewed energy and confidence in myself, and a toolkit of resources which I can use in both professional and personal situations. I’ve already put many techniques and approaches learnt on the course into practice. And, no doubt, I will continue to do so.”

Chief Officer, Third Sector Organisation

“Your programme brought me the success in my career that I’d been wanting. I genuinely feel more confident and empowered, in all more ‘present’ to my work and life, generally. Thanks to your interactive coursework and guidance, I achieved one of my targets and got promoted, yay!.”

Building Surveyor, JLL

The programme provided an excellent structure to help me focus on my personal development. I wanted to trigger a change in my career, knew I had untapped potential but struggled to make the first move. Investing in the programme provided the impetus I needed. Very simple but effective tools helped me to work through a mindset that was holding me back and adopt a more purposeful approach. I have now changed roles, feel more energised and look forward to the opportunities this will bring..”

Senior Leader, Energy & Resources