Authentic Leadership

Programme Leader

Caroline had a successful career in Communications…

She worked for large corporations such as Time Warner and various ad agencies before moving into
innovation consulting. Then, she became the European Managing Partner for Synectics (a global innovation consultancy), before she co-founded Happen, an international innovation agency which was recently acquired by Accenture.

Despite her many successes, Caroline was frequently accompanied by the nagging doubt that she didn’t deserve them and wasn’t good enough. Like many high achieving women, the Imposter Syndrome fuelled her fear of being found out as a fraud. In search of a different way of doing success, Caroline quit Happen and began on a path to ‘reinventing’ herself.

She began learning to manage the voices in her head that made her question her value and put pressure on her to operate in ways that didn’t serve her. Her life achieved a positive turnaround and other people started asking her to help them do the same. This led to the birth of her current business, Attitude Coach, which is all about helping professional women to change the ways of thinking that limit them and build the attitudes and behaviours that lead to success.

Your Investment

One of the attractions of The PIMFA Authentic Leadership programme is the value for money it offers. The programme fees are amongst the lowest when compared with other non-sector specific online women leadership programmes.

Fees PIMFA member rate Non-member rate
Before 26 February 2021 £3,000 plus VAT £3,500 plus VAT
After 26 February 2021 £3,500 plus VAT £4,000 plus VAT