ESG is a term you’re
going to hear more and more frequently. In order to make sense of what it means
you need to firstly recognise that the term is used differently by different

For some fund managers ESG means ‘any form of investment that takes environmental, social and governance issues into account’ which can include diverse stock selection and responsible ownership strategies.

For others ESG is viewed more narrowly as environmental, social and governance risk management. For these fund manager this means that environmental, social and governance issues are researched, fed into investment analysis and either acted upon or ignored, dependent on the time frame. 

The PIMFA ESG Academy is a new CPD accredited, self-paced online learning experience free to PIMFA members. The Academy has been designed especially for Financial Advisers to equip you with all the information you need to start making the most of the opportunities arising from ESG investment.

The Academy which starts on 15th September 2020 is not your traditional online class – as you learn at your own pace and in your own time, you will have access to an evergreen library of ESG content that you can engage and interact with on your tablet, computer and mobile.

The three modules within this free course provide greater knowledge and understanding of ESG, simplifies the array of latest information and language around ESG, while also delivering the latest regulatory guidance on ESG in a supportive, online learning environment led by experts in the field.

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